Every year the Deer Park LEPC hosts a "Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day" for Deer Park area residents.  The Collection Day is scheduled on a Saturday, often in April in celebration of "Earth Day" activities.  The 2008 Collection Day will be scheduled this fall.  

Provided as a free public service to area residents, the Deer Park LEPC pays for all collection, recycling and disposal costs which total $15,000 per year.


The 2007 Collection Day was conducted on Saturday, April 28, 2007 at the City of Deer Park's Underwood Transfer Station located at 610 Underwood Road in Deer Park.  

The annual Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day is an opportunity for Deer Park and La Porte area residents to collect and get rid of their old paints, antifreeze, used oil and oil filters, auto batteries, old tires, pesticides, swimming pool chemicals, household cleaning products, computers, cell phones and electronic products, and other household hazardous materials.

You can bring these products to the Underwood Transfer Station where LEPC and industry volunteers will remove, recycle, or safely dispose of them.  There is NO COST for area residents to dispose of these products at the Collection Day Site.

CATEGORY 2004 2005 2006
Collection Date 4/24/2004 4/16/2005 4/29/2006
Number of volunteers 23 18 12
Households collected 170 147 151
Pounds of Paint 4,300 7,813 6,600
Gallons of Antifreeze 50 14 10
Gallons of Used Oil 300 50 30
Number of Oil Filters 20 16 20
Number of Auto Batteries 40 40 16
Number of Tires 30 40 30
Pounds of computers and electronics NA NA 155
Pounds of Waste Recycled 400 75 25
Total Pounds Safely Disposed 13,100 12,184 11,060


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