Adult Tech Lab

The Adult Tech Lab Policy gives the rules and regulations regarding adult patrons who use the computers inside the tech lab.

Bulletin Boards

The Bulletin Boards Policy is for the posting, displaying, or distributing materials inside the library.

Conference Room Policy

The conference room policy provides the rules and qualifications of using the library conference room.

Display Case Policy

The Display Case Policy gives the stipulations and guidelines for displays.

Group Study Room Policy

The Group Study Room is intended for study and reading. The Group Study Room Policy is to ensure the proper use and purpose of said room.

Group Visits & Tours Policy

The Group Visits and Tours Policy gives the guidelines and requirements for school classes, daycares, clubs or other groups wishing to schedule a tour, attend library programs or visit the library as a group.

Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan Policy governs the service to allow the sharing of materials between libraries.

Internet and Public Computers

The Internet policy is a guideline to Internet use in the library.

Laptop Policy

The Laptop Policy governs the circulation of laptop computers, and should be read and thoroughly understood prior to checking out a laptop.

Long Range Plan

The Long Range Plan gives a snapshot of the library, its current condition, and its long range vision for better serving the community.

Meeting Room

The meeting room policy provides the rules and qualifications of using the library meeting room.

Patron Code of Conduct

The Patron Code of Conduct is to help provide a safe and supportive environment for all users and staff engaged in library activities.

Reading Area Policy

The Reading Area Policy is to ensure the safety and well-being of children and teens who use the library and to ensure that the Children's Area and Teen Zone are consistent with the mission, vision, and values of library.

Unattended Minors Policy

The Unattended Minors Policy gives the rules and regulations regarding minors that are without parent / guardian supervision on library property.