Mead-Holm Scholarship

Established in 1989 in memory of two of Miss Sue’s dear friends and supporters, the Mead-Holm Memorial Scholarship has assisted more than thirty Junior Art Park Players with their college educations. It has also provided part-time summer apprenticeship jobs for many high school students who have shown a keen interest in Technical Theatre.

Mead Holm Scholarship Fund Donations: A very special thank you from the bottom of our hearts goes to those who provide continued support:

Sam & Susan Mele in loving
memory of Heidy Bowser

The Art Park Players in loving
memory of Al Mabry

If you'd like to make a donation to the Mead-Holm Scholarship fund please  email us or call us at 281-478-7288

To those included in this generous group: Thank you for supporting the Art Park Players and the students in our junior program. Your donations and blessings upon our theatre are greatly appreciated!