Fire Fighter's Memorial


Many of the names you will see on the wall of honor have passed away and only their name is left to be remembered. But if it were not for those listed, this department would not be the department it is today. Through their determination and dedication this department was founded, built, and allowed to grow from a donated hose cart from Shell and 13 members to a department with three stations, 17 pieces of fire apparatus, 4 EMS units and over 80 members.

Many of the past members are still spoken of today and the current membership still has much of that same determination and dedication. This Memorial and Wall of Honor was designed by those of the past (retired members), built by those currently serving and will be maintained by those who serve in the future. This area is designed for two purposes. First, the walls of honor are designated to honor the men and women who have dedicated 15 or more years of service as a member to this department and the community. Secondly, the walls are to memorialize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the line of duty.


The East and West walls are dedicated for those members who served the department fifteen years or more and have retired from active duty. The names are listed in the order of retirement based on history records the department has and have been verified by retired members, better known as “Burnouts”. Each year, those who retire from the department will be added to the Wall of Honor.

It is important that we must all realize this is a dangerous job. Each year nationwide, approximately 100 firefighters die in the line of duty. Therefore, the Center (South) wall is dedicated for members who have given the ultimate sacrifice while providing service. Fortunately, this department has never lost a comrade in the line of duty, therefore this wall currently bears no names. Entering the Memorial and Wall of Honor area is a center base presenting the names of the 13 charter members who started the department in 1950. To the left of the list of charter members is the original department patch and to the right is the current patch worn by the members. This is a representation of the past, present and future of this department. Five lanterns surround the center base. Each stands for a single word with a strong meaning. Together, these 5 words (Honor, Passion, Pride, Integrity and Respect) make up our “Brotherhood” and they are the foundation that this department was built on and embody the expectation from each member today.

​As you enter the memorial you are greeted by a lone fire fighter facing the flags for which every member provides service - The United States of America, the State of Texas and Deer Park Fire Department.

The lone fire fighter is standing ready for service (always ready) representing to the members what our oath of office states "the preservation and protection of life and property and to strive to always be prepared for the service that I can render to humanity and my work". ​​​​ ​​


​Located at each station is the same statue and base to serve as an extension of the Memorial and Wall of Honor to honor the members of the department for their dedication to service.

This memorial is supported by the community and will be maintained by the volunteers of this department. With the support from the city management, Mayor and Council this land was provided. Business’ and citizens provided donations to pay for and allow for improvements to this area and we, the volunteers of the Deer Park Fire Department, thank the city for their support. Most importantly, we thank this community and businesses for their support in allowing this dream to become a reality.