Firefighter's Recreation Hall

The fireman’s recreation hall was built by the members of the department and is owned and maintained through rental fees and donations. 

Located at 711 East Pasadena Blvd., the hall is capable of hosting 180 people and is available for rent throughout the year. A full kitchen area with commercial refrigerator and freezer allows for storage of party items during your event. A large ice machine provides all of your ice needs during your event so there is no need for you to purchase ice elsewhere. Dual ovens allow food to be kept warm or you may choose to prepare you meal prior to the start of the activity. Open top stove is also available for maintaining foods at correct temperature or preparation of meals. 

The hall rental includes the use of table and chairs for the event. Renters, however are responsible for setting up and taking down all table and chairs after use. An open stage provides an area for announcements or storage of gifts items. 

The use of alcohol is prohibited for non-member rentals. 

All rentals must have a Deer Park Firefighter sponsor.

​Rental fees are:

$500 per day or $1000 for a weekend.

Security deposit of $500 is required and must be attached to your application.

Renters are responsible for any damage to the hall during the event and must return the hall to the same state in which it was received by the designated check out period. This includes the cleaning of the hall and mopping of the floors.

Please verify the date you are requesting is available on the calendar prior to submitting a request for use. All requests will be processed as soon as possible and will be honored in the order which they are received. You will be notified once your request is approved.